• Solutions In Lidar Profiling Of The Atmosphere


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Provides tools and techniques to identify and address distortions and to interpret data coming from Lidar sensing technology This book covers the issues encountered in separating the backscatter and transmission terms in the LIDAR equation when profiling the atmosphere with zenith-directed and vertically-scanning Lidars

Addresses the systematic errors in LIDAR measurements Proposes specific methods to estimate systematic distortions Explains how to apply these methods to both simulated and real data Solutions in Lidar Profiling of the Atmosphere is written for scientists, researchers, and graduate students in Meteorology and Geophysics.

Solutions in Lidar Profiling of the Atmosphere emphasizes the use of common sense when interacting with potentially large distortions inherent in most inversion techniques

Solutions in Lidar Profiling of the Atmosphere explains how to manage and interpret the Llidar signals when the uncertainties of the involved atmospheric parameters are not treatable statistically

The author discusses specific scenarios for using specific scenarios for profiling vertical aerosol loading